Romanian Thieves rob vehicles while traveling the highway

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Robbery Romanian Style

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne



The “Romanian Method.”  Last weekend authorities in the Netherlands, arrested a group of thieves being called, “Romanian stunt thieves”, responsible for stealing nearly $600,000 worth IPhones.  What makes the theft impressive is they too the phones as the delivery truck went down the highway. 

Two of the men climbed out of a van through the sunroof cut the lock on the back of the truck, climb inside and transfer the goods to their vehicle.  One year after the heist the gang was suspected in an art heist and when police raided their hideout, the $590,000 worth phones were at last found. 

The gang is suspected in 17 highway robberies in the past 24 months.  The video shows a nighttime heist shot with infrared cameras from a police helicopter.   Police say the group perfected their technique and identified the group by the methods precision.  

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