Mortgage scammer sentenced to 20 years in Federal prison

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Sammy Araya

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



Thousands of people lost their homes while to participate in a program created by the Obama administration program to help save houses.  While the program is real, set up to quash fallout from the housing crisis, scammers racked up.

One of those scammers was brought to justice by the federal government.  Sammy Araya and a greedy group of insensitive scammers were arrested and brought to trial, where they were each given prison time.  42-year-old Araya was sentenced in an Alexandria, VA court to twenty years in prison.   Nearly a dozen others got sentences ranging from five to eighteen years. 

The grift began in 2011 when Araya sent out mailers and advertised on the Internet to help Americans with mortgage modifications.   Homeowners were then directed to send a cash, “reinstatement” fee and along with several trial monthly mortgages, they were told these payments would go on to the lender.  They were not. 

The group instead used the money to “make it rain” on Venice Beach, California promoting another hustle created by Araya.  The scammer and his wife lived lavishly in a California mansion while his victims were made homeless by his heartless hustle. 

Federal prosecutors said Araya should spend the rest of his life in prison.  Saying that even as he faced trial he was running another scam a church scam that he set up a GoFundMe page to financially support, its slogan, “give till it hurts.”

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Sammy is a messed up dude he deserves life in prison. 

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