Jon Jones re-captures the Light Heavyweight Championship

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Jon Jones

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



Saturday night was an exciting evening for combat sports fans.  UFC 214 featured a rematch of Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier which was a competitive bout until the third round when jones went high with a round kick to the head of Cormier that disoriented the light heavyweight champion.  Jones then went in hard with a flying knee attempt as the champion went down to the canvas where the new light heavyweight champion began to ground and pound and in seconds it was clear Cormier could not respond.  Big John McCarthy called the fight after no response to the barrage of punches coming down on him from John Jones. 

The former champion responded kindly, on Sunday sending both referee John McCarthy and Jones Jones messages of thanks and apology.   

Cormier, has held the light heavyweight belt for nearly two years, as Jones,23-1, (the one is a disqualification) had a few problems outside the ring, but was always considered the division champion.   Cormier was 19-1, going into the fight with Jones being the only man to have beat him. Now, the only man that has beaten him twice.

The new champion said post fight, "I want to take this time to thank Daniel Cormier for being my biggest rival and motivator."  He continued with glowing praise, "He has absolutely no reason to hang his head. He has been a model champion, a model husband, a model father, a teammate, a leader, and I aspire to be a lot more like that man because he's an amazing human being. Unfortunately, we were opponents, but outside of that, he is a true champion for the rest of his life."

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Really liked the story 

This was a great fight!!

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