Instability: White House Swinging Door

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Anthony Scaramucci

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne



Another member of the President of the United States’ inner circle has been fired.  The swinging doors of the white house are beginning to point to poor management.    In less than one year the turmoil and instability in Washington in unprecedented. 

New York Financier, Anthony Scaramucci was appointed communications director ten days ago was fired.  According to reports the wealthy money man got the presidents senior staff straight late last week with what was referred to as a “crude verbal tirade.”

The hiring of Scaramucci, led to the coruscating Sean Spicer’s quitting in a pouty stomp-off way.   Spicer served as the former press secretary.   As a part of a Monday morning meeting white house chief of staff, made clear, and wanted the senior staff to be clear that he is in charge. 

Sounds like to whole white house is on an ego trip.   Wow, I wonder what the Chinese are saying. 

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