Jones vs Cormier UFC 214

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Jones vs. Cormier

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



If you are a fan of combat sports, this is the quarter for you. With the anticipated battle of Boxing vs. MMA in the Mayweather vs. Conner bout scheduled for 26 August and the entrée. The appetizer has to be the the Cormier vs Jones battle that has been put off more than twice, but scheduled again on Saturday.

Cormier said in a recent interview, “This is the biggest fight,” he continued. “If you’re a sports fan, a fan of combat, you’ve got Jon and I and you’ve got Floyd [Mayweather] and Conor [McGregor] and then you’ve got [Gennady] Golovkin and Canelo [Alvarez]. How could it be better?

Jon Jones in considered by many to be the pound for pound best pugilist in MMA history. Unfortunately Jones has had some professional and person problems that has caused him to not have a fight for the last almost two years. The last time the fight was set to go, Jones got popped for a performance enhancing drug. Although in their first meeting Jones walked with a “W”.

To add a little sugar to the mix, its rumored Nate Diaz, the last man to defeat Connor McGregor is being asked to walk out with the undefeated, Floyd Mayweather. Interesting. UFC 2014 will happen on Saturday night.

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