Transgender: A real Fake News Story

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Transgender Fake News

Scribe: N. Tru Bass




Empty rhetoric is what we are bombarded with on a daily from news commentators to the president of the United States.

The latest announcement from the White house is no more transgender troops. The announcement ran the news circuits as if it was the story of the day. If that's the story of the day, I’m a redhead monkey.

Allow me to explain. Currently, there are 1,495,995 total active military personnel available now, July 2017. Of that number, 1,137,916 are enlisted troops. Its frustrating to have to stop talking about more important and pressing issues to deal with such trivial issues as transgender recruitment.

Many times unimportant stories like this hits the wire and serves as a distraction from whats really going on, like for instance, congressional movement. My dear readers this ins one of those times. Don t believe the hype, its all just smoke and mirrors.

From the beginning of time, there have been less than 2,500 people who admitted before or after service that transgender applied to them. Last year, less than 300 people were even interested in a transgender discussion.  I said all that to say, that in a military of 1.5 million active boots, the percentage served would equal to 0.016 of the total population. That is a little more than one hundredth of one percent of the soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen serving today.

So the statement meant absolutely nothing, and I apologize for taking the last three minutes of your time to say what I had to say about it. I will stop here and provide more substantive information the help you make decisions to make the rest of you day and week easier.

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