Monique Zordan Sues Traveler's Insurance -- $1 Million

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Scribe:  Samuel Otis



Monique Zordan, 32, has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Traveler’s Insurance, Co. for damage she suffered after a month infestation in her Wall St. apartment just days before the Oscars and Fashion Weekend. 

After traveling, Zordan came home to her mid-Manhattan home to find moths everywhere, with adult moths and larva throughout the apartment, she found her home with moth holes in the furniture, rugs and clothing. 

According to court papers, “She discovered not only numerous adult moths, but what she believed to be larvae and cocoon like nests on her very expensive and precious clothing,” After reporting the incident to her insurance they refused to pay for the damage and clean up.  Zordan had to have the apartment fumigated after removing her belongings, including one of a kind and expensive clothing which was damaged. 

In May Traveler’s Insurance, Co.  informed her that her policy did not cover damages because of insect infestation.

The popular model and actress’ attorney says she sued only as a last resort. 

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