N. Tru Bass: Floyd Mayweather returns to the ring vs. MMA Fighter

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Floyd Mayweather

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Considered the Sweet Science Boxing has always been an American draw.  From the early days of the sport in North America when men wore thongs and protective gloves to protect their hands.  Over the past 50 years we have seen paydays grow from $5 million payout for the infamous 1974, “Rumble in the Jungle,” Muhammad Ali vs. George Forman fought in Zaire.  To $180 million paid to the great Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in 2015.  The fight was billed “The Fight of the Century” which didn’t stick and later the
Battle for Greatness,” which also didn’t stick. 

Despite Mayweather’s dominance in the Boxing arena, he is yet to get the recognition that he has deserved as one of the greatest boxers of all time.   From a time when he first hit the scene where die hard fight fans called him Lil Floyd to his latest moniker Money Mayweather, he is still vilified by some. 

But, one this is for sure.   He is on everyone’s list for the top three fighters in world history -- that is of course if they are being fair. 

He retired, in 2015, but has recently decided to return to the ring in an interesting way.   He has decided to return to the ring in August against MMA champion Conor McGregor, both men are standing at the pinnacle of their respective sports. 

Last week they both decided 26 August the fight would happen in Las Vegas and yes it is a boxing match.  No, holding and hitting, no elbow to the head and certainly no knees. 

The fight is expected to bring the great boxer, $100 million.  Mayweather retired at the age of 40 with a perfect 49-0 professional boxing record while 28-year-old McGregor is hungry in every way.  Oh, as a side note for those boxing aficionados the fight will take place at 154 lbs.  The fight is expected to be televised on Showtime pay-per-view. 

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