Pregnant Woman shot down By Seattle Police Department

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Charleene Lyle

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne



A 30-year-old mother of four has been shot and killed by the Seattle Police Department on Sunday morning in front of several children after officers say there were threatened by a knife.   According to reports police responded to a possible burglary in progress which prompting the killing.    Witnesses have said her race is the primary factor in her shooting death.   Charleena Lyle’s is a black woman. 

Lyle’s suffered from mental health issues and was arrested on 5 June in an unrelated incident.  She was released and ordered to get mental health treatment according to officials, but the Thinkering News has not yet verified their claims. 

In an attempt to justify shooting the woman police said usually one officer would respond to a standard burglary call, but her apartment was flagged citing, “hazard information” affiliated with her address.  The two officers arrived and preceded to the fourth floor and confronted the 30-year-old woman who they say held a knife.  Both officers fired on the woman who was later declared dead by the Seattle fire department.  Her apartment complex is a transitional housing from homelessness. 

The woman was pregnant with her fifth child.  Reports cite witnesses saying she had a knife but was not threatening, saying the woman was small, frail with a slight physical presence.

Lyle’s sister, Monika Williams told the local media, “They could have taken her down.  I could have taken her down.”

On officer is an 11-year veteran and the other is new to the business of government policing. 

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