Puerto Rico votes Pro-Statehood

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Puerto Rico

Scribe:  Samuel Otis

Email: samuel@thethinkering.com


On Sunday Puerto Ricans voted for US Statehood in a referendum considered non-binding.   A one hour special with Kamau Bell highlighted some of the hardships of being an American commonwealth.   In the election in which just 23% of population voted for statehood 97 percent of those who voted, voted for. 

The referendum has to be approved by congress and according to Governor Ricardo Rossello of the pro-statehood New Progressive Party said, "It will be up to this new generation of Puerto Ricans to demand and claim in Washington the end of the current improper colonial relationship, and begin a transition process to fully incorporate Puerto Rico as the next state of the Union."

The vote for statehood first came up with approval of the people back in 2012 when it was pushed away by former President Barack Obama.  Citizen of Puerto Rico have fought in every war since World War I.

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