Dubs 1 Win Away

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Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne

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The Golden State Warriors faced a difficult and disappointing finals in 2016, pulling away from the Cleveland Cavaliers team 3-1 and then losing that advantage and losing the championship banner by a single game losing 3 straight. 

One year later the Dubs are 3-0 in the Finals and 15-0 in the post season becoming the first team in NBA history to go Undefeated in the playoffs they are again defying the odds.  The west coast team could easily with a single game walk away from the playoffs 16-0, setting the league on its ear. 

On Friday night in Cleveland the Warriors will attempt to set that record and celebrate a championship and revenge from last year’s defeat. 

While the previous games in the 2017 Finals have been competitive, the final score rarely looks like it. 

Kevin Durant in a forward thinking move left Oklahoma City last season and signed with Golden State to position himself for some jewelry.   Curry, and the entire team seems hungry even after securing the best record in basketball during the regular season. 

The third quarter of game 3, was absolutely the Cav’s show.  Although, during the last half of the fourth the Warriors efficiency returned and the Dubs lock the game with a 11-0 run to close out game three and put them just one game away from history. 

Game 4 is scheduled for Friday at 9p.m., the Cav’s will try to keep hope alive and the Dubs will try to end it. 

Could this be the most dominant basketball team in NBA history?

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