Comey promised Honesty not Loyalty

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James Comey

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



Former FBI director James Comey is scheduled to testify tomorrow before a senate committee.  Written testimony was released early from Comey in anticipation to his grilling from the senate. 

The testimony confirms the sitting president’s assertion that he told him that he was not being investigated, but say’s Comey admitted to saying only once no the three times Trump said.   Comey wrote that during a white house dinner that Trump insisted that he have loyalty and impressed upon him that loyalty was paramount. 

He also said that Trump denied having relationships with Russian prostitutes denying claims that cited in a dossier that he requested lewd acts to be performed in the document.   It appears if Trump could not get a personal guarantee of Comey’s personal loyalty he had to go.  “I need loyalty.  I expect Loyalty.”  In a fist slamming to the desk type way.  In response Comey responded “you will always get honesty from me.”

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