Cosby in Court on Monday facing Drug and Sex allegations

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Scribe:  Samuel Otis



Comedian Bill Cosby is on trial as of Monday on charges he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman more than a decade ago.  Andrea Constand an employee of the Temple University basketball program is accusing the 79-year-old entertainer of feeding her pills and touching her genitals as she lay on the couch of his suburban mansion. 

Defense lawyer Brian McMongle pointed to inconsistencies in her story saying that she said she never talked to Cosby after the encounter, but phone records show the two talked 72 times after the incident with 53 of those calls from Constand. 

The entertainer is not saying he didn’t have sex with the woman he is saying that he had a legitimate affair with the woman.  One year after the incident Cosby called the woman’s mother to apologize, although not from drugging and sexing her but for having sex with her being a married man. 

He could receive as many as 10 years in prison if convicted, He is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

His TV daughter Keisha Knight Pulliam (Rudy Huxtable) was there by his side saying, "I want to be the person that I would like to have if the tables were turned," she continued. "Right now it's the jury's job and the jury's decision to determine guilt or innocence. It's not mine or anyone else's."

Cosby worked as an entertainer for more than five decades.  Onlookers are comparing this case to what is considered the Michael Jackson lynching. 

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