Aaron Hernandez case Makes Mass Lawmakers reconsider Long time Law

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Shania Jenkins Hernandez

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne

Email:  lucy@thethinkering.com


Monday morning, lawmakers are listening to testimony on a bill that would keep intact criminal convictions of people who die while appealing a case.   The change consideration was brought on by the Aaron Hernandez case, as his murder conviction was overturned after his death due to appeals continuing at the time of death.

Hernandez, a former New England Patriot tight end commented suicide after being convicted of murdering his friend Odin Lloyd.  The empathetic gesture by the state is a longstanding tradition in Massachusetts.  

Attorney Marian Ryan of Middlesex filed the bill long before the Hernandez case was heard, although the high profile case gave the adjustment new life.

The former professional footballer’s fiancé’ Shania Jenkins Hernandez recently spoke out saying that she did not believe he committed suicide.  He took his life after being acquitted in two other killings but was continuing to fight the decision made in the Odin Lloyd murder.  

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