Letourneau separate after 12 years of Marriage and 7 Years in prison

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Scribe:  Samuel Otis

Email:  samuel@thethinkering.com


Mary Kay Letourneau and her victim/student/husband filed for separation from his former 6 grade teacher.  The former teacher served more than 7 years in prison for having sex with her student, who she married later has to ask herself whether the prison sentence was worth it. 

To two have two children and Vili Faulaau filed for legal separation earlier this month, the two were married in 2005 and have made several attempts to capitalize on their relationship. The movies, “All American Girl and “That’s My Boy, were both based on the lives of the teacher who was 22-years older than her victim. 

At the time of her molestation she was 34-years-old and married with four children. 

The couple have been featured hosting a night club with Faulaau being the DJ “Hot for Teacher” night. 

According to reports the two have been having issues for a while now with attempts to work it out but unsuccessfully. 

Letourneau was outed after a relative of her former husband exposed the relationship to police.  She was first arrested in March 1997; she gave birth to her first child a little girl while on bail.   She was found out and pleaded guilty to second degree child rape and sentenced to 6 months in jail, while undergoing sex offender treatment. 

She was released from jail after serving three months in the county jail, two weeks later she was caught having sex with Fualaau in a car she was then re-arrested and sentenced to serve seven years for violating the terms of her parole, while in prison she gave birth to her second child with her former student.  

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