Clinton Speaks out: Comey Scapegoat?

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Hillary Clinton

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne



The U.S. intelligence community has concluded that Russia attempted to interfere in the election in an effort to get American businessman Donald Trump elected to the office of President.  On Wednesday former democratic candidate Hillary Clinton spoke out about Trump/Russia collusion. 

Trump the candidate made a reputation as a notorious liar, and regularly misguided those Americans who are least business savvy.    The sitting president has without shame painted himself as a profiteer since taking the highest office in the land. 

Mrs. Clinton, who was not a popular candidate but noticeable more popular than her opponent said that she takes full responsibility for her decisions during the 2017 presidential campaign but shay that’s not why she didn't return to the White house. 

She said former FBI Director James Comey decision to send a letter to Congress about her email controversy was simply devastating.  Comey was dismissed from his directorship last month with Trump admitting the Russia/Trump investigation played a role in the decision after initially saying it had to do with the elections email scandal.  She said of the incident, "I can't look inside the guy's mind. He dumped that on me on October 28, and I immediately start falling." She continued,” I won 3 million more votes than the other guy."

Many American’s believe James Comey was released to protect a corrupt White house and to pull the FBI off the collusion investigation.  Could it be that Comey was a cancer cut off to save the organism?

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