Tiger Woods pushes Back after DUI arrest

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Tiger Woods

Scribe:  Samuel Otis

Email:  samuel@thethinkering.com


And the beat goes on… for golf legend Tiger Woods.  Woods was arrested on drunk driving charges in his home state of Florida early Memorial day morning.  The golfer was arrested by the Palm Beach County officers in the town of Jupiter at around 3 a.m. according to media reports. 

According to official reports he is being charged with Driving Under the Influence(DUI).   The charge specifies blood alcohol level higher than is identified as legal in the state. 

The 41-year-old golf phenom has been on a downward slide since being caught by his wife in an inappropriate relationship.  Since then has is divorced to a great financial loss and suffered a series of back surgeries that has stymied his golf game. 

In a recent interview he said of his health and pain, "felt this good in years".  He admitted that he was not looking ahead.

Woods has not won a major championship since 2008, and hasn’t won a tournament anywhere since 2013.

In a release Woods blamed, "an unexpected reaction to prescribed medication".  He said that he understands the severity of what he takes full responsibility for his actions he said and news of his arrest. 

The Juniper release leaked a mugshot of Woods, disheveled and unshaven after he was arrested.  

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