Slyce Restaurant running on Fumes

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Slyce Pizza Bar

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



HAMDEN - Slyce Restaurant is in free fall as town officials seek ways to end their most recent iteration.  “BYOB” (Bring your own bottle), is plastered across the front of the embattled pizza bar as activity has plummeted. 

The state Liquor Commission denied approval for the restaurant to renew its license after a series of complaints that included one man being killed in association with the bar.  While its being reported Mayor Curl Leng is seeking ways to get rid of the BYOB solution employed by the Slyce management, the place seems to have taken its own course as empty parking lots have taken the place of violent reports and early morning noise complaints. 

While the new BYOB was a legal solution, it is not working out for the neighborhood nuisance. 

Fazlay Rabbi, the owner of the establishment did not return calls for comment.  

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