Distressed man Kills 8 People in Southern Mississippi

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Willie Corey Godbolt

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass

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Seven people and a sheriff’s deputy were killed in a spree that began late Saturday night.   In a small town in southern Mississippi, the spree included several members of the same family as a disgruntled husband shot and killed his mother-in-law, her sister and his sister-in-law and that’s only the first servo.        

The shooter arrived at Vincent Mitchell’s house in a southern suburb of Brookhaven, Mississippi just before mid-night on Saturday night with a plan to pick up his children.  The couple had been dealing with domestic violence for years according to Mitchell who is Godbolt’s step-father-in-law and the family was well aware.  Godbolt’s estranged wife refused to relinquish the two children and authorities were called. 

When the officer arrived at the Bogue Chitto home he appeared to comply when suddenly he reached into his back pocket and began shooting family members.   Shot and killed were, Barbara Mitchell, 55, Vincent’s wife and Godbolt’s estranged wife’s mother.  Brenda May, 53, Babara Mitchell’s sister, and Tocarra May, 35, Barbara Mitchell’s other daughter were shot at the scene along with the deputy officer, William Durr, 36.     

William Cory Godbolt, then fled the scene and went to his cousin’s house where he killed two minor children.  The parents where reportedly responding to the initial shooting in which he was fleeing to come to their house.     

He then went to a third location and shot and killed another man and woman who were both shot to death.  Godbolt was then apprehended after the 7 hour shooting spree where he said to a reporter from a local Jackson, MS newspaper, “My intentions were to have ya’ll to kill me, I ran out of bullets, he continued, “suicide by cop was my intentions. 

Everyone shot in the incident was family either by blood or marriage.

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