Pool over the Street - Luxury Houston Apartment

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Houston Pool

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne

Email:  lucy@thethinkering.com


500 feet below swimmers enjoy the site of a busy city street thanks to an infinity pool in a Luxury apartment building with a glass bottom.  The pool is on the 42nd floor of the Market Square Tower.  To ensure pedestrian’s below don’t drown on dry land it features 8 inches of Plexiglas to keep the water in place. 

Anyone can enjoy this view all you need is an apartment in the building, for just under $2000 you can lease a 564-square-foot studio or if you want to get really comfortable you can lease a 2993 square foot penthouse but either way you get access to the pool.   Oh yeah the monthly lease for the penthouse is $18,715.  

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Awesome story 


Not sure whose the bigger knucklehead the people who live in the 564 sq ft or the 2993 sq ft.  Seems like alot for a little.

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