Caucasian Tradition of Underage Marriage Photographed

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Modern Caucasian

Scribe:  Samuel Otis



In the heart of the Caucasus mountain range the home of all modern whites the traditional practice of early marriage stands strong.   According to the United Nations Population Fund at least 17% of girls there get married before the age of 18.

The report cites tradition as the top reason these marriages take place being followed by the will of the parents and kidnapping by suitor as the top three.  After marriage these girls whose average age is 15, stop going to school because it is thought that education isn’t important for someone whose primary duties in life include bearing children and housekeeping.

The State of Georgia is attempting to comply with human rights protection requirements from the European Union by abolishing provisions that allow child marriage.  Traditional gender roles are important to this faction of people who are often forgotten, In-laws often prohibit young wives from dancing even traditional dancing. 

The Washington post recently highlighted the photographic prowess of a young photographer who visited the region.  

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Nice high quality news.  Thanks for the information. 

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