How to cook Eggs over Light at home

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Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



Many home kitchen chefs’ have gotten wrong the fried egg over light.  Today, I will explain how to make the EOL perfectly. 

Many people in order to compensate for the white near the yolk being undone either learn to live with it or flip the egg changing the look and the consistency of the yolk, but that is a sacrifice that you don’t have to make. 

You are going wrong with the olive oil, most HKC’s use a splash of olive oil when frying the egg, but that is not the way. 

Ok, here is the answer.  The perfect Egg over Light starts with a medium nonstick skillet that’s brought to temperature prior to placing the egg in the pan.   Instead of a splash of oil, the bottom of the pan must be covered completely.   Exercise patience, and do not flip the egg, stay with it and don’t give up on the egg. 

Wait until the edge of the turns brown and crisp, as you cook the egg shake the pan to keep the eggs separated and tilt the pan to and allow the hot oil to run across the top of the egg cooking any translucent areas that’s left. 

And Finally, remove the egg and eat the perfect runny yolk, egg over light. 

You are Welcome. 

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