Emporor Trump louded by the lowest American Factions as Tyrannical administration Contorts Democracy

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Emporor Trump

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass

Email:  ntb@thethinkering.com


Donald Trump has initiated more executive directives than any president in the modern era.  He has been successful in alienating allies and providing credence to those countries who don’t align.  The US relations with Mexico has become strained with the insistence of the US in building a wall between the two allied nations. 

The new administration has successfully shut out the congress, proving America’s commitment to maintaining white supremacy.  It was not long ago when the same body questioned the number of executive actions by former President Barack Obama.  I believe he was being called an Imperial president by law makers on the hill.  The very people who are eerily quiet as Trump continues to undermine the republics democratic reputation. 

Senators are behaving as if Trump is going to send a goon squad out, if you’re scared just say you’re scared, and get the hell out of the way.  Call a spade a spade and hypocrisy, hypocrisy. 

Members of Congress get off your hands and be consistent in your finger pointing or stand back and welcome the era of American imperialism and kiss the ring of the imperious American emperor Donald Trump. 

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