Hamden High School Lockdown- Overblown

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Hamden High School

Scribe:  Samuel Otis

Email:  samuel@thethinkering.com


Hamden High School resumed order and classes by 8AM after a hullabaloo in which reports of an unauthorized man in the building was released.  Allegedly the man broke into the school and ran as faculty approached.  The first-year Principal Nadine Gannon then locked down the school and diverted the students to Hamden Middle as a safety measure.  The school was searched and shortly reopened. 

As it turns out the intruder was a student at the High School running down the hallway making faux basketball moves.  The reporting teacher even claims the student made a fist as he approached.  Police have reported the lockdown lasted just under an hour. 

The incident can be chalked up to a student’s horseplay in the hallway. 

I understand the importance of mass security, but a kid running in the hallway making basketball moves hardly sounds like a lock-down worthy event.   When a teen is not allowed to make stupid teen-aged type bad decisions without threat of criminal recourse there is a problem. 

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