US Coast Guard Seize Record amount of Cocaine

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US Coastguard

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne



Crew members of a US Coast Guard Cutter intercepted and boarded a self-propelled semisubmersible, carrying in excess of 5,600 pounds of cocaine, making 2016 the most successful year of cocaine capturing since 2008.  The organization recorded more than 416,600 pounds of cocaine seized in 2016 being valued at more than $5.6 billion. 

According to US Drug Enforcement Administration data, more than 80 percent of drugs smuggled into the US in 2012 entered via maritime routes and 30 percent of the drugs came to the US by sea and carried on unmanned narco submarines many from Columbia. 

Manned narco submarines are expensive and dangerous for the people who are inside, but are proving to be good investments in relation to the billions that can be made if the vessel makes it to its destination.  

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