HIV and AIDS born in NYC in 1970

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Scribe:  Samuel Otis’



For years Americans have spread the rumor HIV the virus that causes AIDs has been linked to monkeys in Africa that infected humans around the start of the 20th century and covered all of African before hitting the Caribbean 10 years later. 

Haiti is always the whipping dog of the western world after the Toussaint Overture lead the country to be the first country to gain its freedom from European savagery.   

According to new evidence the first instance of the virus was found in New York City in 1970, long before it was identified as a virus and even longer before it was link to the spread of AIDs.   HIV currently infects more than 36 million people worldwide.  More than 35 million have died from AIDS according the United Nations AIDS agency. 

Research shows that it was not gay people or black countries that started the virus.  The disease takes about 10 years or so for untreated and undiagnosed patients to realize something is amiss as they develop the disease associated with a weakened immune system as the body’s cells ae destroyed.  Identifying diseases include, tuberculosis, pneumonia and Kaposi’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. 

Black men and Bisexual men have a 50 percent increased risk of the disease, many believe there is a direct correlation between this statistic and the prison population.  This directs attention to the potential of a governmental or systematic machination to eradicate men of color. 

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