Cleveland Celebrates with Hardware 2L-1W-1L-3W

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Championship Ring - Cleveland

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



New hardware for the Cavs and not to run software.  Championship rings were delivered before the Cavs played their first regular season game against the New York Knicks. 

The rings were earned months ago when the Cleveland Cavaliers made history against the Golden State Warriors who were the defending champions.  The incumbent defeated the former champs by overcoming a – deficit to win the NBA Finals.  The cool of the rings included the order in which the team won the title, but in the inside of the ring. 

Underneath the ring is what appears to be three diamonds and four rubies, in this order diamonds representing the first two losses in California, a single ruby for game three picked up by Cleveland at home -120-90.  Another diamond, for game four that was a loss in the bay area and finally three rubies representing wins in game five, six and seven.   The win represents Cleveland’s first major professional sports championship in 52 years. 

The team start the season out strong with a win over the Knicks 117-88 on Tuesday night.   The rings were awarded in a ceremony before the game, providing some up for the Cavs.   In an emotional speech the franchise player LeBron James declared, …Cleveland against the world!”.   And it sounds like the world has its work cut out. 

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