Presidential Campaign Polarizes: Racists Whites vs. Everyone Else

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St Louis Sucker Punch, Rally

Scribe: Samuel Otis


IMAGE: Check the Guy in the Green T-shirt

On Thursday in St. Louis, Missouri, a protestor at the republican presidential front runner campaign rally was sucker punched by an elderly man inside the venue. 

During that rally at least 31 people were arrested, nearly all protesters.  Remember it was a St. Louis suburb where unarmed teen Michael Brown was shot down in the streets by a white police officer.  The shooting sparked international outrage, and the white officer walked away unpunished. 

One day later after the punch hear around the world, a rally scheduled for Chicago was cancelled believing when Chicago Blacks saw the sucker punch, the people of Chicagoland would respond differently to the raucous crowd. 

The leading republican candidate has made a point of polarizing Americans placing whites who believe in the status quo [white supremacy] on one side of the table and everyone else on the other. 

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