Creator Kanye West downloading illegally?

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Kanye West Pirate

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne



Kanye West is being accused of stealing software illegally through torrent sites.  Joel Thomas Zimmerman a 35-year-old music producer accused the rapper of stealing his music producing program evidenced by West’s own screenshot. 

Caught cold, Kanye’s screenshot shows two tabs the one on the left reads “Xfer Records Serum t…” and the right tab reads “Pirate Bay Torrent Xfer… which led some to believe he was caught red handed using Pirate Bay a site that he vowed to sue after 500 thousand copies of his latest album was leaked though the site.  The image was disseminated through his social media account. 

In the image he was attempting to show who he was listening to at the time, but revealed much more.

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