Hamden Fathers: Burgess's Ballers Defeat NAPA New Haven 28-27 in City Championship

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HFBA - Championship Game

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


Hamden -- The Hamden Fathers basketball championship game was held on Saturday night for 11-12 year-old boys.  Competing were the Burgess Ballers vs. NAPA New Haven team.    The Hamden Fathers Basketball Association was founded in 1955 a collaboration with the Hamden’s Department of Parks and Recreation.   According to their website, “Our mission is the same as it was then:  teach the children of Hamden the game of basketball and sportsmanship in an environment that promotes recreation and fun for the entire family.”

The participating teams for the 2016 season. 

Team 1 – Colonial Funeral Home

Team 2 – Napa New Haven

Team 3 – Burgess’ s Ballers

Team 4 – Unitas Club

Team 5 – Batters Box

Team 6 -- Ercolano Cleaning

Team  7 – Wayne Tolson Scholarship Fund

The mission statement held true on Saturday night with an exciting pre-teen contest.  For the Ballers in white; Mathew Gibbs put on a scoring clinic hitting 12 points.  On the defensive end of the floor Robert Rice blocked four shot in five possessions.  But that didn’t deter the NAPA team, snagging 23 offensive rebounds they stayed in the game with second chance points.   At the bottom of the second Xavier Britton of the Ballers knocked down a surprise bank shot from 20 feet for two points to hold off NAPA.

Sloppy passes from the Ballers assisted in providing multiple lead changes right up to the final seconds of the competition.   Gibbs re-entered after the NAPA team inbound pass from the sideline with 7.5 seconds left to play resulted in an inbound pass, a Ballers steal, a NAPA New Haven Steal, a Burgess Ballers steal and a heads up pass from Justin Jones to Matthew Gibbs for a banking runner in the lane that just beat the clock. 

The crowd erupted with surprise as the NAPA team lead most of the fourth.   The final score was 28-27 Burgess’ Ballers. 


Burgess's Ballers:

David McGrory – 1 point

Justin Jones – 3 Points

Matthew Gibbs – 12 points

Robert Rice – 4 points

Mason Dotrani – 2 points

Jalen Bradshaw – 2 points

Jacob Boulaire – 2 points

Xavier Britton – 2 points


NAPA New Haven

Jack Wagner – 5 points

D’andre Cordes – 4 points

Jaden Thomas – 7 points

Liam Cox – 4 Points

Mikhai Frazier – 4 Points

Jaden Johnson – 3 Points

The HFBA mission statement was fulfilled with and exciting and heartbreaking contest.  With half the crowd cheering and the other half crying; can’t wait until next season, I got a feeling the NAPA New Haven team will seek revenge for the last second game steal of this year’s city championship. 

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