Justice Scalia Dead at 79

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Justice Scalia

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

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Federal Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is dead at 79-years-old.  The right wing conservative justice died quail hunting in Texas over the weekend. 

Scalia was the first Italian American to serve on the court - originally nominated by President Ronald Reagan in 1986.   The tenured justice died on a ranch near San Antonio at the time of this writing the cause of death remains unknown. 

President Barack Obama is being pressured to no appoint his replacement and to wait for the new president to make that decision; an idea that he is not likely to follow.    The justice is a second generation Italian - his father entered the country through Ellis Island when he was just seventeen years old.  Antonin Gregory ‘Nino’ Scala was born in Trenton, NJ on 11 March 1936.  He was reared in the Queens borough of New York City.  Upon entering the United States his father learned to speak English and became a professor of Romance languages at Brooklyn College. 

Young Nino was born to second generation Italian American and Elementary school teacher,  Catherine Panaro, he was an only child for the couple and both sides of the family putting a close to an entire generation. 

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