Woman voilates Protection order by Tagging Ex-sister-in-law

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Facebook Trouble

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne

Email: lucy@thethinkering.com


A New York woman is facing a one-year prison sentence for violating a restraining order.    Maria Gonzalez violated a protection order by tagging her ex-husbands sister Maribel Calderone and calling her stupid on Facebook.    

Westchester County Supreme Court Justice Susan Capeci has charged Gonzalez with second degree criminal contempt.  Gonzalez rallied back saying the protection order did not specifically prohibit her from contacting her ex-husbands family. 

The court-issued orders stop a person form hurting, threatening or communicating with the person or persons protected. 

Capeci wrote upholding her order, "The allegations that she contacted the victim by tagging her in a Facebook posting which the victim was notified of is thus sufficient for pleading purposes to establish a violation of the order of protection.”

The moral of this story is to leave your ex-in-laws alone. 

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