Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has America's Ear

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Bernie Sanders

Scribe:  Samuel Otis



As Bernie Sanders improves his standings in Iowa and New Hampshire, his policies and profile is not widely known among non-political Americans.  He has recently begun to reach out to remedy this problem by interacting with R&B radio stations and visiting Historically Black Colleges and Universities.    

Election after election – president after president have run and was elected but none of them democrat or republican have made any substantive promises to the second largest ethnic group in the country.   There have been no promises to Blacks  in my lifetime, with the exception Jimmy Carter whose acknowledgments were marginal during his 1976 run. 

Democrats have traditionally run depending on the steady black block vote.  Republicans have traditionally run an anti-black campaign.  Sanders don’t fit comfortably into either of those categories.  And Sanders actually has enough respect for the power of the black vote to make a few promises in an effort to earn the Black vote.   

The New York Times quoted Sanders in Saturday’s edition, “We have a real tragedy with youth unemployment,” Mr. Sanders thundered last weekend in Des Moines, where the only black faces in the crowd of 1,500 appeared to be those of journalists following him. “Kids who graduated high school who are white: 33 percent unemployed or underemployed. Latino: 36 percent. African-American: 51 percent.”[sic]

Hillary Clinton is his primary competitor.  But many remember president Bill Clinton’s insistence on creating jails to disproportionately incarcerate African American men to epidemic levels 1980’s and 90’s.  Many Americans are voicing their distrust for another Clinton Whitehouse.  Vice president Joe Biden who has announced that he would not throw his hat in the ring this time around also had a hand in the buildup of the prison industrial complex that had an almost genocidal effect among American Blacks. 

People of color are beginning to listen to the odd ball Bernie Sanders and his message is appearing to change minds and votes. 

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