Oregon Siege continues amid Criticism

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Oregan Standoff

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne

Email: lucy@thethinkering.com


A small armed group of white men has now occupied a federal building and land in Oregon for more than a week. The Malheur National Wildlife refuge protest that began on 2 January, with an armed militia taking the property and refusing to leave while brandishing rifles and other arms rallies on.

Late last week Sheriff David Ward who represents the Harney County residents along with the federal and state governments met with the militia leaders twice this week. Ammon Bundy, and his brother Ryan began the stand off after two local men, Dwight and Steve Hammond was sent back to prison for arson after getting a good ole boy sentence that has since been overturned.

On Saturday, a group of armed men arrived a the refuge and met with militia leaders exactly one week after the stand off began offering to help with security for the armed group. The group declined the help – many onlookers believe it was the federal governments feeble way of infiltrating the group to end the seize.

Civil rights leaders and the general citizenry are complaining about the favorable treatment afforded these men when other groups who protested unarmed have been attacked for much less. The Bundy's have been unclear about what constitutes the end of the siege but the Sheriff has offered safe passage for the group off the reserve, which Bundy said he would accept at some point.

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