Oregan Federal Property Armed Take Over: Day 5

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Annom Bundy

Scribe: Samuel Otis

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Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is the focus of a protest that has succeeded in gaining international attention. An armed militia has taken over the federal property and refuses to relinquish it without a fight. The Leader of the group Ammon Bundy, son of the infamous Cliven Bundy told reporters the FBI had obtained arrest warrants for some of the militia men and authorities were planning to raid the refuge.

One man who believes he is subject to an arrest warrant was sitting in a rocking chair at the entrance of the reserve with a loaded rifle. He said he wanted them to easily find him and he would be there all night waiting for federal officers.

The group calls itself Citizen for Constitutional Freedom and is requesting an inquiry of weather the government is forcing ranchers off their land according to recent reports.

Cliven Bundy is known for battling the federal government, he has voiced disdain for the government. He and his sons are not strangers to invoking anti-government sentiment. Ironically, In 2010 Ammond Bundy the leader of this group borrowed more than $530,000 for Valet Fleet Service, LLC., an Arizona small business headed by the younger Bundy.

When reporters asked him about the loan, he said, "I am not anti-government," he continue, So there's a role, but all government's role is to serve the people. Whenever those governments step out, then that's when we step in."

While the group believes there are arrest warrants, the FBI has denied that any have been issued, There have been no sightings of police at the refuge since the militia took over the main building Saturday. The Harney County Joint Information Center said that it was still working for a peaceful resolution to the occupation. Onlookers are crying foul saying if this group was African American or anything other than whites, the government would not behave so patiently. Analysts say the governments approach is a smart decision.

The Bundy clan has defied the government before. In 2014, Cliven Bundy the families matriarch staged a standoff with federal officers. The United States charged the elder Bundy more than $1 million for using federal land for cattle grazing. Armed militiamen stood with Bundy by the hundreds. His stand lost popularity when he questioned whether African Americans were better off as slaves instead of government subsidies.

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