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Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Martin Shkreli, the guy who met with public ire when his pharmaceutical company upped the price of a lifesaving drug more than 5000% and arrogantly vowed to never lower the price is in hot water Shkrelli is being accused of organizing and running a Ponzi like scheme with his hedge fund company that action got him arrested and charged by the FBI.

On Thursday a New York District attorney Robert Capers announced the arrest on security fraud conspiracy, securities fraud and wire fraud conspiracy. He was freed on a $5million bond on Thursday after he and another man were arrested and booked on the above named charges.

Shkreli, allegedly purchased the latest Wu-tang album for $2 million the recording was not seized when the men were arrested on Thursday. The infamous Wu Tang album that sold only a single copy. Shkreli purchased the record and bragged that he didn't plan to listen to it.   

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