Man Convicted based on a Rape Victim's 'Dream'

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Clarence Moses-El

Scribe: Samuel Otis



Clarence Moses-El was convicted and has been in jail for 28-years after a Denver woman said that she dreamed he raped her. 

Nearly three years ago another man sent Moses-El a letter saying that he was the person who attacked the woman 25-years earlier.  DNA evidence from the attack was available initially, although someone within the department tossed the box marked ‘do not destroy’ in the trash. 

Since Moses-El has been in prison, his mother has died and he has 13 grandchildren whom he has never met. 

The incident happened after a long night of drinking for the woman.  She first claimed she had been out drinking malt liquor with three men earlier, who were possibly responsible for the attack that left her blind in one eye and multiple bones broken in her face.   She later identified Moses-El after she claimed she ‘dreamed’ he raped her.  Based on her testimony, he received a sentence of 48-years in prison. 

A convicted rapists LC Jackson raped a woman and her daughter in 1992, about a mile and a half away from the home of the first woman.  The letter he wrote to Moses-El included, “I really don’t know what to say to you, but let’s start by bringing what was done in the dark into the light,” he continued, according to court documents. “I have a lot on my heart.”

Jackson was one of the three men who the woman had been drinking with the night she was raped. 

Earlier this week, Judge Kandace Gerdes ordered a new trial, to the frustration of the Moses-El family.  The frustration began with doubt about the authenticity of the confession.  In a statement, Lynn Kimbrough a spokesperson for the district attorney’s office said, "He said he had been told by the Innocence Project that he couldn't be charged in the matter because of the statute of limitations, so he felt he could tell a few lies to help out Moses EL."

Moses-El was expected to be freed on Thursday, but a bond hearing was delayed until Tuesday according to the DA’s office.  He is expected to return to the east coast after he’s acquitted, but for now he will not be able to leave the Denver area until it’s all over.  The DA’s office has scheduled to meet with the rape victim from 30 years ago to glean more information from the woman about the incident of more than 30-years ago.  

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