Canada: Syrian Resettlement Underway

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Syrian Resettlement

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne]



The liberal country to our north is expecting to provide government planes for Syrian Refugees to resettle in Canada.  More than 20,000 are expected by February 2016, and the first 164 will arrive in Toronto on Thursday. 

The small group departed Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport after providing papers to officials with permission to become North Americans.  The Canadian Airbus will land in Cologne, Germany for a refueling stop and crew change before carrying on to Canada according to Canadian reports.Syrian Resettlement

The movement is co-organized by the International Organization for migration.  Michelle Cameron, Canadian ambassador to Lebanon took the time to see the refugees off.  Some of the travelers say they only found out they were approved to come to Canada three days ago. 

Most of the travelers were privately sponsored, exact numbers were not provided, the ambassador also credited the Lebanese government for arranging exit visas. 

While boarding under strict security for this flight, there are still few departures from the region.  The second group of re-settlers is set to travel on Saturday headed for Montreal, additional flights are expected next week.  

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