San Bernidoo killers Deposited $28,500

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Farook/Malik guns

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



$28,500 mysteriously found its way to the bank account of one of the San Bernardino  shooters.   Syed Farrook’s killing spree happed two weeks after the large deposit was made on his behalf. reported the deposit was made on 18 November less than a month before his wife Tashfeen Malik and Farrok massacred 14 unarmed people in San Bernardino.

Federal authorities are unsure where the money was sent from but are speculating from a bank loan or some other unknown source.  Farook’s mother, Rafia Farrok was searched by federal agents after last Wednesday’s attack and found, an empty Go-Pro camera box inside a Lexus car registered to her. 

Terrorist carrying out jihad have traditionally used the small action cameras to strap on their chest to record horrid events during admission.  A $5,000 deposit was made in Rafia’s bank account, although she has not been arrested or named a suspect.  The family’s lawyer says mother did not know her son was planning the execution.

62-year-old Rafia lived in the same home in the city of Redlands, California just a few miles away from where the shooting took place.  Thousands of rounds of ammunition were stored at the home along with an assortment of pipe bombs among other explosives found by the FBI.

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