Chicago: A city Divided, Deval Patrick's Slings and Arrows

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Rahm Emanuel, Deval Patrick

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, has tapped Deval Patrick as senior adviser to a task force concerning police accountability after the brutal police killing of unarmed teen Laquan McDonald. 

McDonald was shot 16 times at close range by a rabid police shooter, who last week was charged with murder in the first degree.  The release of a dash-cam video coincided with charges being filed against Officer Jason Van Dyke, more than a year after the senseless killing of the youngster.  Chicago has become a powder keg, with clamorous protest demanding that heads roll. 

On Tuesday, Emanuel made the announcement to dismiss Chicago police superintendent, Garry McCarthy in an attempt to prune away the problem as protesters continue to insist, the mayor himself resign. 

McCarthy, fell out of favor with African Americans in Chicago in October when Deputy Superintendent Al Wysinger resigned and the Superintendent replaced him with a Latino man.  Alderman Roderick Sawyer, the chairman of the Chicago City Council Black Caucus publicly demanded the Mayor replace him. 

Sawyer said, “He has failed.”  He went on to say McCarthy was unresponsive to drug dealing, and other quality of life,” issues in the communities caucus members serve.

Deval Patrick and Rahm Emanuel are both close associates to the President of the United States, Barack Obama.  Both worked in the Clinton administration and Patrick is the former Governor of Massachusetts and has most recently been tasked by Emanuel to be a senior adviser to a task force evaluating police accountability, oversight and training. 

Patrick has his own skeletons to deal with according to recent reports.  In an editorial piece on Wednesday, Howie Carr - Boston Herald said of Patrick in a headline, “Deval Patrick’s advice as good as his record – a joke.”

Carr, went on to fire slings and arrows at the former governor, by saying he fired two of his own appointees last year at the state’s Sex Offender Registry Board  because of a request to the name of Deval’s brother-in-law, a convicted rapists’, on the list.  Board Chairman Saundra Edwards and Executive Director Jeanne Holmes were both relieved of their duties by Patrick in September of 2014.  The Boston Globe reported, Patrick ousts two, with motive partly personal.  

In late 2006, The Boston Herald reported that Bernard Sigh, Patrick’s brother-in-law (married Patrick’s sister Rhonda) had been indeed convicted in 1993 or raping his wife in San Diego.  Sigh pleaded guilty, served time in prison and reconciled with his wife.  They then moved to a small town, Milton, Massachusetts in quite New England comfort.

A Springfield, Massachusetts man Willie McCreary, reported directly to Patrick’s office when he was the sitting Governor of Massachusetts,  the actions of a corrupt judge Marie Lyons and says the report fell on deaf ears as he received no response from the Governor’s office, even after participating in the governor’s campaign, hanging posters and campaigning on his behalf. Judge Lyons was eventually removed from the bench allowing her to retire due to her judicial misconduct.   

Chicago has inherited a strong African-American community, many with relatives, forefathers and connections to Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama who are feed up with racist police tactics and the killing of Black youth.   This truth puts Chicago at ground zero for change as 2015 and now will be a pivotal point for the city and its citizenry.

The former Governor will not be paid for the new position as adviser for the city of Chicago Police Department.  Maybe they chose him because the price was right or to quash additional controversy for an embattled mayor and his administration.   Will Rahm Emanuel still man the mayors chair in Chicago when the smoke clears?  

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