Humble Holly Holm, celebrates Underdog Victory

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Holly Holm

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne



UFC underdog Holly Holm is making the rounds. She is now on the television circuit – last night she talked with Seth Meyers about her recent KO of former champion Ronda Rousey.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers she wore a little black dress with her new championship belt over her shoulder. The fighter looked very different than she did on fight night, wearing hells and makeup made her hard to identify.

The former boxing champion defeated Rousey in the second round after dominating her through the first with a sharp left jab. She continued to use the jab and near the end of the second round she used it in combination with a solid left kick to the head to end the contest.

When asked if she would give Rousey a re-match she said, “I welcome the opportunity to re-match with Rousey.” She then continued by saying, “I did avenge my loss and I know she'll want to do the same, so I'll have to train twice as hard. She'll be coming back – she is a competitive person she'll be coming back hard.”

Former Champion Rousey has been suspended for six months, due to a head injury suffered during her first loss in the ring.  

New UFC Champion Holly Holm on Seth Meyers

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