Amazing Message in a Bottle Found after 108 Year

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More than 1000 bottles were released between 1904 and 1906 as a part of one researchers experiment in sea currents.

The president of the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth, U.K. - George Parker Bidder, placed the bottles in the sea to be discovered by fishermen or beach-goers. The interesting missives were loaded with instructions on what to do next.

The Atlantic's North Sea is were the bottles were released more than a century ago, the most recent bottle was found in April by a former postal worker and to her amazement the Association was still active.

The lion's share of bottles were found after only a few months cementing Bidder's hypothesis that the North Sea currents flowed east to west.

Inside the bottle, was a small document instructing anyone who found the bottles to brake the glass and mail the postcard back to the Marine Biological Association. 108 years later Marianne Winkler found what is believed to be the last of the bottles on the island of Amrun, one of the North Frisian Islands in the North Sea .

The organization has contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to confirm the bottle is the world's oldest message in a bottle ever recovered.

If the bottle is confirmed, it will eclipse the current record by 9 years.


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