Former Cop Molests Employees at Bronx Hospital

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Scribe: Samuel Otis



Two former social workers at a Bronx hospital are accusing their ex-boss who is also an ex-NYPD officer of forcing them to have sex with him. Michael Reingold, is being sued for the second time for allegedly forcing a social worker to have sex with him. 

One of the victims who were not named told the daily news, “If I didn’t do anything that he told me to do, he said he was going to take away my kids.”  The violations happened at the Highbridge Woodycrest Center. 

The filings suggest the alleged assaults at the medical center started after the woman took the job in 2012 assisting AIDS patients.   A different nurses aide says, he violated her years earlier when she was a 17-year-old virgin.   The now 33-year-old woman said the former cop timed the attacks with the 4pm staff change in an attempt to limit witnesses. 

Last year in a Federal Court filing a 47-year-old employee claimed he violated her in “unspeakable ways.”

Reingold, 55, no longer works for the facility and has possibly moved to Arizona.  

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