Tyler Perry Sued: $10 million for sexual Harrasment

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Tyler Perry Studios is being sued by former employee Joshua Sole claiming sexual harassment. 

Joshua Sole worked for Tyler Perry Studios in 2014, and has filed a lawsuit for $10 million claiming his supervisor Brett Hendrix touched him and offered drugs in anticipation of sexual favors.  Sole also says Hendrix sent him sexual texts and invited him to stay at his home. 

The man accusing says, after he complained about the harassment, he was demoted, fired and arrested for trespassing.  He also says Perry personally clapped at him in a tweet saying he was mentally mistrusted. 

Soles attorney accuses Tyler Perry Studios and Hendrix of creating a hostile work environment and retaliating when he complained about the situation along with emotional distress and batter. 

Perry denies the accusations and says that the company maintains and enforces policies on sexual harassment.  

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