New $10 Bank note will feature an American Woman

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Ten Dollar bill

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



The Treasury department has announced it is set to put the picture of a woman on the new ten dollar denomination.    Only twice before has a woman been featured on a US bank note. The first was a Native American woman associated to the colonial settlement in Jamestown, Virginia in the 1860s. 

The second was Martha Washington, the wife of the first president George Washington on a $1 bill in the late 1800s.

The Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said the decision was made after a grass roots campaign to place a woman on US $20 bank note, acquiring nearly 1 million signatures in the effort.  The change is scheduled to take place on the 100th anniversary of woman’s suffrage, the movement that secured the vote for American woman. 

The face is said to be a person that represents inclusive democracy and will be chosen later this year.  

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