Chinese Offer real Threat while NSA seeks to control US population

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Chinese Infiltration

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Chinese hacking is nothing new.  Expert security personnel are lauding the proficiency of the Chinese hackers, although the reality is physical vulnerabilities are likely the cause of the infiltration success. 

The latest exploited vulnerability was the breach at the Office of Personnel Management network that was first reported with conservative eyes and statistics.  Late last week official’s revised saying a database holding more sensitive top secret security information on millions of federal employees and contractors was also compromised. 

It only takes a single visit to China to really see how Chinese people and their government feel about Americans.  The problem is operatives and children of operatives have American birth certificates and are bonifide Americans and are providing information for their homeland. It appears the National Security Agency is more interested in harassing Americans than securing the country. 

American airports look like Fort Knox, yet a recent report deemed airport security incompetent.  Resources spent to control the current American population is outpacing allocated resources to stop the real security threat, foreign states. 

OPM announced a database containing the personal information about 4 million current and former federal employees is now in the wild.  The White House does not have enough information to publicly accuse Beijing of outwitting US security experts. 

The information hacked included background data on senior level officials including Cabinet secretaries. 

While no official fingers have been pointed, China has dismissed the hacking allegations, a Foreign Ministry spokesman last week called them “irresponsible and unscientific.”

In a nutshell, US security personal are chasing ghost with no attempt at thoroughness.   

The US Government is dumping tens of millions on tail chasing, all the while complaining about Social Security for the elderly and disabled. 

Americans must consider getting rid of Washington’s professional politicians and redevelop a government of the people, by the people.

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