Cav's shows the world Cleveland Grit

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James and Cavs

The NBA finals have moved from a series that should maybe be watched to a series that has to be watched by most hardcore fans and casual onlookers alike. 

In game two of the finals one of the league’s best point guards Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers broke his left knee cap eliminating him from competition for the season.  Many people decided at that moment the Golden State Warriors had secured the Championship without much to do. 

Facing game 4, LeBron James and supporting staff is showing the world they are not just professional basketballers but winners.  And the Warriors will have to earn a championship if they intend to have a parade next week. 

For those who questioned Cleveland’s grit, they have proven they have heart and are willing to use it.

Game 4 will be played on Thursday, 11 June 2015, and will be televised on ABC starting at 9 PM.  

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