Winston Smith: Baltimore Commissioner Refuse to Blame His Department for Increase in Crime.

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Anthony Batts-Baltimore Commish

Scribe: Winston Smith



Baltimore Police Commissioner, Anthony Batts,  is blaming the increased violence and crime in the city since the death of Freddy Grey on stolen drugs that had been looted from local drug stores.    

Batts in a presser asked the federal government to come in and help maintain order in the city of Baltimore.  I think the problem is Batts has lost his city, because if the officers are not allowed to kill unarmed citizen, they are refusing to do their jobs. 

Onlookers say the Baltimore Police Department needs to be cleaned out and enjoy a fresh start from scratch.  These officers are corrupt and refuse to provide the citizens’ of Baltimore with police protection, I say fire them all!  Start over Baltimore, Start over.  

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