New AG Loretta Lynch is Confirmed by US Senate after 5 Months of political Impotance

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AG Loretta Lynch

Scribe: N. Tru Bass


With a simple majority vote needed to pass, Loretta Lynch has been confirmed by the U.S.Senate at 2:03pm on Thursday,marking the first time an African American woman will hold the position of the Attorney General of the United States.  Six months after current AG Eric Holder announced his resignation, the current body of lawmakers confirms selected Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s with a confirmation vote of affirmative -56, negative -43.  The North Carolina native has waited patiently for senate confirmation. President Barack Obama selected her more than 5 months ago.  Taking a glance at her background, she is raising the bar on qualifications for the office of Attorney General. 

During Senate voting, Sen. Claire McCaskill, referred to Lynch as the most qualified candidate in the history of the office of Attorney General.  

Lynch’s nomination wait is the longest for any nominee in more than 3 decades.  It's disgraceful, she represents the first African American to hold that office.  Many onlookers say, this is yet another show of American racism and Obama detest. 

Racist behavior is nothing new to African American and it's nothing new to Lynch. As the recipient of her high school class valedictorian honors, she was forced to share it with two white students to make her presence on the podium easier to swallow for white parents and community leaders. 

While more traditionally racist lawmakers had only words of praise for Lynch during confirmation hearings every effort has been made to delay her taking office. 

Motion to invoke Cloture on the nomination of Loretta lynch happened on the house floor after a senate vote of 33-A and 34-N at 12:16pm Eastern timel, Thursday.

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