U.S. education is expensive but does not work

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US Educaton

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


The Republic of the United States of America was born through rebellion.  A rebellion solidified around the idea that “No Taxation without representation” was not ok.

Even with even-handed sounding policy, the country was built on the belief of white supremacy.  It was never supposed, people of African descent would have any rights or justice.  Whites understood having to compete with African people on a level playing field was a challenging proposition.   The original goal was to make certain that whites started on third base to offer them a fair chance at staying ahead. 

The philosophy stated above isn’t an outdated one; it’s current and is evidenced by the educational system in America.  Large sums are spent on educating Americans and American students are some of the intellectually softest in the world. 

The top ten worst schools in the country are exclusively schools with minority white populations or no white students at all.  Don’t be fooled it’s not because whites are intellectually superior, it’s because the priority for white schools are higher; unfortunately everyone (regardless of race or gender) has to pay for this white privilege. 

Local and federal governments are not doing an adequate job ensuring people without voices are properly educated.  All Americans should be concerned about this tyrannical effort to create a permanent underclass. 

The Slovak Republic, scores are similar to the U.S., but spends $53,000 per student per annum, while the U.S. spends $115,000 per student. 

Reports point to socio-economic problems as the great divider.  I believe it plays a part of the problem, but it’s not a significant issue, in the new American just as it was in the old America, Racism is the problem in the US. 

White men have led the country down a road of mediocrity to protect the secret, that they are less capable than they claim to be, while enjoying the benefits of the brilliance and physical prowess of others.  Protected by the labor of African workers for hundreds of years the truth is in this place the emperor has no clothes. 

The glaring racism and sexism represented in the above numbers is shameful and every American should be ashamed of the lack of education afforded to students in the schools listed above.  I could have taken the worst 100 schools the numbers would tell the same story. 

Females, African Americans, Latina-Mexican-Hispanic, nor Native Americans should have to attend schools that have no interest in educating students fairly.  No taxation without representation.

Control of this country has always been in the hands of white males and its clear change must come in order to have a fair education and a fair democracy for the youth in America.

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